Mentor Mahesh

I am Mahesh.

I manage CXO Branding, Propelling Stories and Story Club

With an extensive background in sales, corporate recruitment, writing and design. I focus on career development and personal branding.

My mission is to make sure that you have all the necessary and state of the art self marketing tools to help you manage your career more effectively.

CXO Branding

CXO Branding

Creating CXO Stories

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CXO branding

@ CXO Branding I change your profile to a success story, defined in the most compact narration with the key messages. I create competency based and accomplishment oriented profiles.

Who I do it for?

I do it for CXO community and for those who aspire to reach that leadership position.

Propelling Stories

Brand Stories, Creative Illustrations, Design Animations & Self- Marketing Tools

Brand Stories, Creative Illustrations, Design Animations & Self- Marketing Tools

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Propelling stories

I have acquired skills needed to succeed in an environment of constant change.

I bring a unique perspective to your career & your brand…

If you really want to make an impact and connect with your audience, you just have to tell your story.

Story Club

Storytelling Real Stories Real People

Real People, Real Stories

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Story Club


Looking for some amazing stories and story tellers, who will share their experiences in an inspiring way and thus connect with the audience.

Best stories, Live and On Stage!

About Me

I’m a dreamer, writer and storyteller, who loves to solve problems.

I work on human behaviour, identity and relationships.

I find unique ways to help you find your brand voice, establish your niche & bring clarity and elegance to your personality and help you achieve your career goals.

Hooked on to Mobile Scrolling, Youtube, Facebook, Linked In, Instagram and Twitter.

Life Experience

My learning has been in the fields of philosophy to technology, and psychology to business.

My experience has taught me that there's a wealth of great information out there...

But it can be hard to absorb and convert it into genuine knowledge and understanding that can be applied in daily life.

If you are looking to future proof yourself or just draw some inspiration and direction that’s where I come in.

 goals journey
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